Azienda Agricola MARTILDE


grappolo uva

We follow the regulations for organic agriculture. All our vineyards are certified by bioagricert.

Bioagricert is among the main leaders in Italy for approval of agroalimentar production, organic and of high quality.
Bioagricert supports in qualifying products and processing, according to national and international rules.

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Producing a natural wine is about acting in full respect of the territory, the vines and their natural cycles, cutting down all invasive or toxic procedures, of chemical or technological nature. First in the vineyards and afterwards in the cellar.

Mean of the association is to preserve the individuality and the identity of wine, against homologation that many industrial procedures have brought along.

Presentation of VinNatur

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FIVI is an association of winegrowers, wich act accordingly with the following points:

  • The winegrower tend his own vineyards, bottles his own wine, taking care of it personally. Sell all or most of his product in bottle, under hi own responsibility, with his name and label.
  • The winegrower does not by grapes or wine for commercial use
  • The winegrower follows the enological rules of his profession, avoiding the use of useless and costly additives, and focusing his attention on the production of good grapes that don’t need anything else in the cellar.