Azienda Agricola MARTILDE




After sharing for so many years our life with Siamese and oriental cats, and several litters, we have decided to start a small breeding enterprise; so it was born “acrobatic cattery”, which you can find among the list of a.n.f.i. breeders.


The Siamese is a wonderful, peculiar cat, with an unique personality. Playful and loving, he is a born athlete, and he speaks his mind often and very clearly. He is strong minded and requires closeness and attention, which he fully repays.

His ‘points’ (colours of the mask, legs and tail), have evolved in time in the more different varieties. After the more classic seal, blue, lilac, red, cream and tabby Siameses have arrived.

Orientals are like Siamese in solid colour, and the eyes, instead of blue, are green.

Our lady cat molecola is a foreign white, a white Siamese, the link between the two; candid, but with very deep blue eyes. Her daughter donna mia is a lilac tabby.

A Siamese can mate with an oriental, having kittens of both types.

When we have a litter, generally no more than once a year, the babies leave mother and siblings after having reached the 3 months of age; they are all with pedigrees, inoculations and microchips.

We obviously want for them a safe and loving environment.

We are in collaboration with the cattery “The dark” di Nadia Turini, a dear friend and a very careful experienced breeder.