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All of our labels are realized by Antonella and refer to some of our animal friends who are or stayed with us at Martilde; generally, the one depicted gives the name to the wine.

Following, there is a list of all of them, even those of wines no longer in production, or realized specifically for special customers.

The first the label of malvasia ‘Piume’ represented the inhabitants of the henhouses, no more in existence.
To match the other label of malvasia “dedica”, we have now realized a new version, which depicts our Siamese foreign white molecola, among flying feathers.

The macerated malvasia “Dedica” sports on its label our black oriental cat Medea, called Dedica, or Deda for short.
The wine is kept on the skins until Halloween time, and Deda is painted in environment appropriate for the occasion.
The dark night is lighted up by the full moon and the roses, of which this wine smells during its fermentation. The dot on the “i” is a small bat.

Nina, our little dog, give her name and face to the pinot noir in its “easy” interpretation, only stainless steel.
This label received a prize from Lombardy Region at the Biennale in Milan, in a packaging context on occasion of food design.

The labels of bonarda and barbera were the very firsts; they show Martina and Matilde, our “historic” cats that arrived with us from Milan, and gave the name to the winery. They are represented with a bunch of the wine’s grapes.

The sparkling bonarda label came with the idea of exalting the label leading character, so to able to update and change it. Gianna, our spanish mastiff (at the time still very young) is therefore drawn in three different versions. Obviously, the wine is the same.
This wine as well is at the moment out of production.

“Zaffo” is the name of the black horse on the label, a stallion of Murgia region, an ancient italian breed. He stayed with us for almost 20 years and was an invaluable companion. The wine is the bonarda aged in barrel.

“Diluvio” is the son of Zaffo, here as a foal, with his mum.
The wine was a barrel aged barbera, now no longer in production.

“La Strega, la gazza e il pioppo” (almost a title) is the label of the barriqued barbera. The name means ‘the witch, the magpie and the poplar tree’.
Morgana, called the witch, was born in 1991, and remained always a free cat and an amazing huntress. But all her agility and cunningness could not help her to reach the magpie nest, on the top of the tall poplar tree in the courtyard. She used to watch it with ill-concealed longing. Now, she would find magpies nests almost everywhere.

The “Ghiro rosso d’inverno” is our barriqued bonarda. While all the labels were being made, to Raimondo was promised a place on that of a particularly significant. wine. So it was in 1993, when we decided for this version of our most important product. Ghiro is Raimondo nickname (meaning dormouse), as he was fond of sleeping late.
Martilde cancelled this inclination, but the name stuck.
Here he is, sleeping deeply, with our cat Martina and a glass of his wine.

On the IGT white there is Gelo, our maremmano shepherd. Gelo was a fantastic dog of whom we were extraordinarily fond. He was very beautiful, reminding a polar bear and used to be called “flat head”.
The wine is no longer in production.

“Mantissa”, the IGT red, has ‘on the cover’ the namesake cat (a blu point siamese); on the background the mantissa table of logarithms, from which she derives her name.
The wine was a bordelaise blend. Actually discontinued.

“Pindaro” label is for the cat which came with us, Martina and Matilde from Milan; he did not live long. Chocolate siamese, here is a remainder of his blu eyes and colours.
The wine was an oltrepò pavese rosso in barrel; now no longer in production.

Other label have been made on order, for special customers

For ‘Sportello’ a very nice and cool Boston restaurant, whose owner Barbara Lynch and wine director Cat Silirie are very fond of cats. The two cuddling here are Manfredi and his sister Medea, in brown for the occasion, in order to match the colour theme of the sleek design. Wine is our barbera.

Other label have been made on order, for special customers

This label was specifically made for the Mandarin Hotel in Boston, as they wanted something with “no animals”. But then, for a management change, it was never adopted.

A horsy version of our bonarda, for the Harvard General Store in Harvard, with the image of the horse of the former owner, herself an animal lover and a great artist.

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